Tall Fescue


Tall Fescue 1500

A wide bladed grass with a deep dark green color that stands up to heavy traffic and is very hardy. Thanks to its deep roots, once established fescue takes far less water than other types of grass and stay greener longer during dry periods. Good disease resistant. Requires 4 hours of sun minimum to survive.

  • Mow as needed.
  • Apply a high nitrogen fertilizer soon as the days warm up, add lime once a year each spring.
  • If weeds are present, you may add a broadleaf weed killer to the lawn to kill them.
  • Never cut more than 1/3 of the total height off in one mowing.
  • With spring rains be cautious of wet clipping clumps, as they will cause dead spots in your yard if not picked up.
  • Mow as needed.
  • Apply little shots of fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the summer.
  • It’s best to fertilize before a rain or start the sprinkler after fertilizing to wash the fertilizer into the roots.
  • Water in the mornings; 1” of water weekly.
  • Mow as needed.
  • Apply slow release, high nitrogen fertilizer in late fall to keep your lawn green all winter.
  • Mow as needed.
  • Apply a pre-emergent herbicide from your local lawn and garden supplier to keep poa from growing, no fertilizer application is needed during winter.
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