A proper installation is important for the best result to have a nice lawn. Here are a few simple steps to consider when installing your sod.

  • The first step to preparing for sod is to free the area of rock, sticks, or existing grass
  • Till the top soil 4-6 inches down, or add top soil if necessary
  • Level the area smooth with a rake then roll lightly to firm the soil
  • Adding lime is recommend but not necessary, Rates are available on the lime packaging
  • Add fertilizer using the packaging recommended rate
  • Watering lightly the night before the sod is to be laid is ideal
  • Start on the edge of the area you plan to lay the sod and work across the area
  • Stagger the seams so they do not line up with each other
  • Do not over lap the seams
  • Use a sharp knife to cut around driveway,curbs,sprinklers, ect
  • Water after instalation
  • Water is very important to keep your sod healthy. Remember never let the sod dry out or to become to saturated
  • To check to see if your sod is getting enough water simply lift one corner of sod to check if the soil is moist, not dry or saturated
  • Wait to mow the sod till the sod is secure to the ground by its roots
  • Never cut more than 1/3 of the total length of the grass off in one mowing
  • Mow with sharp mower blades to keep the grass healthy
  • After the sod is established water regularly one to two times per week
  • Best time to water is in the morning hours
  • Fertilize regularly with a recommended fertilizer and rate
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