4-4-4 with calcium carbonate (fertilizer/lime)

4-4-4 with calcium carbonate (fertilizer/lime)
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All in one application of lime and fertilizer, great for applying before sod install or top dressing.

Preplant coverage is 2500 sqft.

Start your new sod out right with our all in one application of lime and fertilizer, 4-4-4 with calcium carbonate. Your soil PH is very important to keep the sod healthy and growing. Lime raises the PH, most soils have a low PH and require lime to correct the levels. Also fertilizer is important to give the sod a jump start in its new environment as the sod is in shock after being harvested. The fertilizer helps jump start the sod so you have a healthy green lawn right away. We recommend applying the 4-4-4 with calcium carbonate directly to the soil before laying down the sod. Apply 20lbs per 1000sqft to the soil and then lightly rake the fertilizer into the soil. Now your ready for the sod install.


50 lbs

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