We take pride in planting the highest quality seed, watering and fertilizing often, keeping unwanted grass and weeds out of the sod, and most important, harvesting right before the delivery ensuring fresh healthy sod. Sod is a great way to put in a lawn without the wait. Planting seed takes months to become established and many times weeds will appear. By installing sod, your lawn is almost instantly a well-established lawn that looks great and is weed-free and healthy. Sod is cut in rolls that are 2ft wide and 4ft long, 8 square feet per roll, and 60 rolls per full pallet. Each full pallet weighs about +/- 2500 lbs.

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Tall Fescue

This variety blend of Tall Fescue is a very dark green, wide-bladed grass that is renowned for its durability.

Tall Fescue sod sets itself apart with the ability to succeed in subpar conditions including shade, drought, and cold conditions. Making it perfectly suited for the PNW's unpredictable seasons.

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Tall Fescue grass is the best option for high traffic areas due to the deep root system that once established helps keep it green and healthy all summer long with minimal watering.

Requires 4 hours of sun, but will handle less with better success than others.

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Our 3-way blend of Ryegrass is the most common and trusted type of lawn in the Pacific Northwest climate.

Fine bladed and very adaptable, Ryegrass has a dark green color and handles our environment with minimal upkeep.

Ryegrass is extremely fast-growing which helps to keep other invasive seeds at bay that may drift into your lawn by not allowing them room to grow.

Ryegrass gets good marks for shade tolerance, disease/insect tolerance, and traffic tolerance. It also does well with cold, drought tolerance, and heat tolerance.

Ryegrass requires at least 4 hrs of sunlight.

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